Nut Tree Overview

Agromillora nut trees are grown in high quality plastic pots (size will vary) using custom blended sterile potting media. All material is grown and finished at our state-of-the-art nursery in Gridley, California.

Although much of our rootstock and finished trees start from tissue cultures, we do offer seeded rootstock when available. Bud wood can be selected directly from a grower’s trusted source or can be provided by Agromillora, according to your preference and varietal choice.

All almonds, peaches, plums , prunes and nectarines can be delivered as a finished tree, whereas walnuts and pistachios (UCB-1) will be provided as rootstock. We do offer grafting services, which can be built into the tree cost.

Clonal Walnuts  


Pistachios UCB-1


Almonds | Standard


Almonds | Super High Density