Arbequina x Arbosana (1998)

oliana“Great commercial potential due to its very low vigor and growing habit. Well adapted to total mechanization.”

Early entry into production and high productivity. The oil is fruity, medium, light in bitterness and spicy, well adapted to the high consumption market.”

Characteristics and Benefits

Early Entry into Production
  • 2nd leaf > 2.2 lbs olives/tree
  • 3nd leaf> 11 lbs olives/tree
Compact Growing Habit
  • Less cost in pruning
Low Vigor
  • 20-40 % less than Arbequina
  • Reduction in the planting distances: 35ft x 11.5ft
Fruit Size Similar to Arbequina
  • Weight  .05 ounces – .07 ounces
Ripening Time: Medium
  • Between Arbequina and Arbosana
Good Oil Yield
  • 14% to 21% oil – 40% to 47% oil in dry matter IM: 1.5 – 2.8
Very High Productivity without Alternance
Medium Tolerance to Peacook Spot (Spilocaea oleagina)


Af 4 – Am 2.5 – Pi 3
  • Sweet oil
  • Dry fruit and almond