Super High Density Olive Evolution

Improving on Thousands of Years
of Olive Cultivation

The Olive tree (Olea europea L.) has been imbued with a sense of history, place, and charm in the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean. It has been cultivated for over 6,000 years, making it the oldest cultivated fruit tree, and has always been a symbol of peace, strength and nourishment. Since it was first cultivated, it has been hailed for its extraordinary health benefits, and has played an important part in maintaining a healthy diet.

The traditional olive cultivation methods practically have not changed in more than 2,000 years. The high costs associated with hand-harvesting and the old-world style orchards have been creating economic pressures for olive growers.

A Proven Model for More Economical Production

A proven model for more efficient and economical olive production, the high density system with dwarfing varietals is aimed at solving the labor problem and also at improving the quality of the final product.

We’ve experimented with over 100 French, Italian, Spanish and Greek varieties in different climates and soils around the world, using various pruning schemes, irrigation practices, chemical and sensory oil analyses, vigor and disease evaluation.  Arbequina, Arbosana, and Koroneiki varieties have shown to be the best options for high density olive orchards.

Today,  Agromillora continues to introduce new varieties aimed at increased oil production, extended harvest,  disease resistance,  improved growth habits in the orchard, and to offer more varieties in the olive oil market.

Ready for Planting

Our Olint olive trees are supplied in paper pots, ready for planting. This product offers easier handling, less waste, and more efficient orchard establishment. Once the ground is ready and the irrigation system is installed, the grower can plant the orchard in any season, offering more flexibility. By growing in soil-less media, our plants have a healthy and pathogen free root system, ready for any orchard.

For more information on additional varieties and an outline of soil and growing requirements, contact the experts at Agromillora California. We’ll help you pick the right products for your unique production goals.