Grower Testimonials

Farm Name: Teulería. La Granja d’Escarp, Lleida
Year planted: 2009

“I’m quite happy. I’ve considerably reduced summer pruning, there’s no outbreak and the tree is well balanced. Compared to seed rootstock, maturity was 4 days earlier and the quality of the fruit is very good.” —Jose Luis Arino

Farm Name: Valmanya Fruit, Alcarràs, Lleida
Year planted: 2008

“The orchard is in the 4th summer and if GF-677 had been used we would already have had to apply phytoregulators. ROOTPAC-90 produces more moderate suckers and makes it possible to collect the fruit in fewer passes.” —Jaume Dolcet

Farm Name: Partida Valmanya
Year planted: 2010

“My intent is to harvest 60 Tn/Ha of fruit on trellises with mechanical thinning and pruning. This is possible with ROOTPAC-40 given its high production efficiency and lower vigor in comparison to traditional rootstocks.” —Josep Matges