About Agromillora California


Research + Innovation

In the face of constant change, we research and innovate to improve trees though cross-pollination and advanced breeding methods. This creates better varieties by increasing yields, fruit quality, disease resistance, uniformity and shelf life to help feed the world’s growing population and sustain agriculture for future generations.

Located in Northern California’s fertile Sacramento Valley, Agromillora California tree nursery is a division of the multinational Agromillora nursery group. Founded in 1986 in Iberia, Spain, Agromillora nursery group is the world’s largest and most innovative researcher and supplier of “in vitro” propagated rootstocks and olive plants.

Millions of Trees Available

Agromillora California provides superior stock, volume and expert guidance to customers desiring the most innovative, hearty California olive, fruit and nut trees as well as stone fruit rootstocks. We provide millions of trees to growers year after year.

Contact the experts at Agromillora California to discuss your planting requirements. We’ll help you pick the right products for your unique production goals.